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Shanti Wellness Care
A holistic approach to good health

At Shanti Wellness Care we provide you with an array of services that is clubbed with ultimate personal attention to steer you through tricky times to a healthier and satisfied you. We have facilities our centre with state of the art wellness programs and services that will help you in your treatment and improve your health with care. Mastering in pathology, radiology and imaging services, we assure you to assist you with the best so that you can treasure us as a name of trust forever.

Our focus is on providing advance medical services. We offer a wide range of diagnostic services, with cutting edge technology and innovative delivery to provide the highest standard of care.

The People Behind Our Humble Initiative

Mr. Purushottam Dass Goel is the founder and Emeritus Chairman of Lumino Industries Limited and Laser Power & Infra Private Limited (formerly Known as Laser Cables Pvt Ltd.) group of companies.
Beginning operations in 1989 under his vision, today we are one of the largest manufacturers of Aluminium Conductor for Overhead Transmission Line & power cables in the Eastern India. Also engaged in Power Infra Project executing various turn-key projects of Rural Electrification we are now armed with the zeal to serve mankind with the best healthcare solutions reachable under the guidance of Mr. Purushottom Dass Goel who is not only an accomplished and conscientious entrepreneur but also a good Samaritan. We aim to deliver you good health, packaged with innovation and contemporary technologies and adorned with our human-touch through ‘Shanti Wellness Care’.