Ultrasound Diagnostic Center

Ultrasound scanning- also referred to as Sonography is a completely safe, highly effective and painless procedure that utilizes sound waves to generate high quality images of the different organ systems such as the heart, liver, kidneys, gallbladder, blood vessels, uterus and spleen. High frequency sound waves traverse from the ultrasound device, known as a transducer, through the human body. Some of the waves get reflected back to the transducer. These reflected wavesare used to produce the ultrasound images on the computer. There is no radiation penetrating the skin in case of an ultrasound scanning.

The technique is quite popularly used in obstetrics that helps to conclude the age and growth of fetus, presence of any birth abnormalities or any other potential risks involved. It is used to diagnose women suffering from pelvic pain and patients facing gallbladder complications. Ultrasound scanning also helps to study the flow of blood in larger arteries.

Shanti Wellness Care is a renowned ultrasound diagnostic centre in Kolkata offering exceptional images, specialized systems, and inventive solutions along with the highest level of personal care. Our range of comprehensive ultrasound scanning services can easily accommodate the needs of your entire family. Hosting a team of adept technicians with substantial experience in major medical ultrasound fields, we pledge quality. Our major service areas include pregnancy and prenatal diagnosis, gynecology, women’s healthcare, infertility and pediatric and neonatal examinations.


USG Test in Kolkata


Our Mission –


Realizing the need for quality and accurate diagnostic solutions to nip arising health issues in the bud, we, at Shanti Wellness Care, offer a broad spectrum of USG tests in Kolkata. A team of expert technicians and up-to-the-minute diagnostic equipment guided by our legacy of distinction ensures superior services. With us, you can be assured of quality. Our seasoned sonographers and progressive technology promise speedy and accurate imaging and results.


Our Services –


Through our services, we strive to deliver expertise which empowers the doctors to make informed decisions and patients with the reality about their true health status. Our services include:


OB/Gyn –

As a part of our obstetrical and gynecological ultrasound scanning services, we offer first trimester OB, preliminary detection of risks, fetal examination, biophysical profile, later stage OB and abdominal and transvaginal GYN ultrasound.


General –

We take immense pride in informing that all our tests are studied by a group of learned and board-accredited radiologists. Test reports are sent to your physician within 24 hours and in case of an emergency, the tests can be read within an hour’s time.


Why Choose Us?


Being a celebrated ultrasound diagnostic centre in Kolkata, we exploit the most professional and versatile ultrasound diagnostics systems that accurately image virtually every body part. The advanced addition of Colour Doppler imaging to our prevalent ultrasound equipment has largely permitted us to provide the most precise and correct results.

Years of experience has helped us ameliorate the process of obstetrics and gynecological ultrasonography. Extending the best USG tests in Kolkata, we have patients travelling across states for getting these specifically complex examinations. Also, our cost of ultrasonography in Kolkata is the most competitive in the field.


Our Strong Suits –


We deploy 3D ultrasound imagingtechnology, where several two-dimensional images are taken at different angles and then put together to form a three-dimensional rendering.

For example, in case of an obstetric ultrasound scanning, instead of viewing a profile of your unborn baby, this technology lets you view the entire surface, his face, hands and feet. A four-dimensional ultrasound is also similar, but just the images reveal movement, like a video.You can see your baby doing things in real time- moving his hands, yawning, opening and shutting his eyes.

Our 3D 4D ultrasounds showcase remarkable quality with optimal accuracy.