Diagnostic Centre in Kolkata that you can trust!

Shanti Wellness Care is a full-service diagnostic centre in Kolkata, committed to providing best-in- class diagnostics for people of all age groups. The grail of every examination performed at our diagnostic laboratory is to inform the healthcare practitioners about the presence, severity and the cause of diseases in the patients.

Every doctor at our wellness centre comes with the highest level of expertise and experience in their specific fields. The paramedical staff is immensely qualified, vastly trained and driven to deliver the finest experience to every patient. The support staff is warm, caring and compassionate about their duty in order to realize complete patient satisfaction.

We are one of the best diagnostic labs in Kolkata where testing is held to an extremely high regulatory standards. We continually toil to introduce new services with improved features in order to extend the best quality of services at the most affordable prices.

Our healthcare in Kolkata is based on the principle of providing perfection along with the highest degree of diagnostic care to all customers, rich and poor alike. The dependability and legitimacy of our quality of services is borne out by the simple fact that our physicians and their families generally prefer to get their own diagnostic tests done at our centre.

Our Services

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Horizons of Best Diagnostic Labs in Kolkata


Our diagnostic lab in Kolkata specializes in offering over a 100 tests with detailed reports and appropriate consultation.


Being one of the top diagnostic centres in Kolkata, we make use of advanced superior technology, largely capable of working on colossal volumes and yet deliver quality and accuracy to every patient.


Leveraging the best brands of automated analyzers, bi-directional interfacing, barcoded systems and complete laboratory automation, we succeed in offering comprehensive test reports.

What Sets Us Apart?

Thousands of families trust us for we pledge to find the answers to some of your life’s most significant questions.

Assured Accuracy

Our fully automated diagnostic centre at Kolkata has been a symbol of excellence and quality. Every test is conducted in a regulated and proficient environment to assure 100% accuracy in test results you can depend on.

Fastest Turnaround Time

Same day testing services are available if needed and we process other types of tests much faster than our competitors do.

Confidentiality and Security

Absolute confidentiality is maintained by taking every possible step to protect the patient’s information.

Authentic Reports

We guarantee to deliver 100% authentic reports you make sure to receive the right treatment.

Sample Collection

Our sample collection services are very efficient. There is zero possibility of getting your samples exchanged with someone else. Our staff is immensely polite in this job.

Modest Prices

We deliver high quality, accurate and reliable diagnostic services in Kolkata, West Bengal at modest prices with flexible payment options.


Home Blood Collection

Delivery of Reports to Senior Citizen

Valet Parking

Graphical Comparison of your test results

Online Medical Vault

Working Hours

  • Monday 07:30AM – 08:00 PM
  • Tuesday 07:30AM – 08:00PM
  • Wednesday 07:30AM – 08:00PM
  • Thursday 07:30AM – 08:00PM
  • Friday 07:30AM – 08:00PM
  • Saturday 07:30AM – 08:00PM
  • Sunday 07:30AM – 04:00PM

Our Team

Being one of the best diagnostic centres in Kolkata, Shanti Wellness Care has a prime focus on hiring and retaining top qualified manpower to drive the various departments within our laboratory. We strive to create an environment which nurtures some of the highly adept professionals in Kolkata in their respective course of expertise. Our staff and physicians enjoy working with you to help you secure a trusted diagnosis.

Meet Our Specialists

Our Cornerstones

Quality –

Every business has to constantly evolve itself in order to ensure growth and success. We deploy sustainable strategies that allow us to exploit our manpower talent and thus make our business grow while lowering the costs. However, during all these, quality is held as our topmost priority.

Innovation –

We are always looking to devise novel and innovative ways of delivering excellent patient care with superior value to all our customers. We constantly experiment and try out new techniques, keeping in mind that we learn from both our failures as well as our achievements.

Teamwork -

We firmly believe in the endless possibilities of collective energy. We seek brilliance by placing our team goals much ahead of our personal interests. At our Kolkata diagnostic centre, you can witness open communication and collaboration among physicians belonging to different disciplines and backgrounds.