Diagnostic Imaging Center in Kolkata

Imaging services are the keystone of health care. Whether your kid has injured his foot and requires an X-ray,or you have got a knee problem and require a screening, or someone you know has cancer or a cardiac issue, you need the best imaging services from a reputed diagnostic centre. The technique of imaging is highly effective as it exposes the most intricate parts of your internal body structures which are otherwise buried behind the flesh and bones.

We, at Shanti Wellness Care, a renowned diagnostic imaging centre in Kolkata, offer superior imaging services in an atmosphere of compassionate and patient-centered care. Our certified radiologists and sonologists are specially trained on state of the art equipment to interpret examination, and our technologists are all trained to complete procedures quickly and accurately.

From the moment you are referred to us, you receive the kind of individualized attention that ensures your convenience, comfort and peace of mind. And because we understand that waiting for test results can be a highly stressful experience, we try our best to deliver your results at the earliest.


Our Mission 

At Shanti Wellness Care, our grail is to leverage cutting-edge equipment and adept skills of our board-certified physicians and technologists to offer judicious and accurate diagnosis in a gentle and utterly compassionate environment, geared to the particular needs of every patient. With us, you can benefit from our on-site radiologist and practiced technical staff, backed by complete resources of our centre. Medical Imaging is a key focus of our centre. So, when you choose us, you can be assured of getting superior diagnostic imaging and CT scan in Kolkata from specialists, committed to providing the best in patient care.


Our Medical Imaging Services 

Our Centre can efficiently and accurately offer medical imaging interpretative services in Kolkata along with detailed reports. We are offering one of the most reliable CT scan, MRI scan, PET scan, DEXA scan, Echo x ray in Kolkata.


Why Choose Us?

Being the best diagnostic centre in Kolkata,we provide world-class imaging services required to spot, assess and treat injuries and diseases. We pride ourselves in extending one of the best CT scans and x-ray services in Kolkata by producing high quality images with least possible radiation exposure.

We take it as our foremost duty to extend efficient services at competitive prices.

So, you can place your trust in our expertise for we care about your convenience and understand the significance of well-timed appointments and speedy results.


Get the Best Medical Imaging Services in Kolkata


Our Strong Suits 

  • Our radiologists, sonologists and technologists are board-certified, holding specialized training and widespread experience in patient care.
  • Leveraging our expert imaging capabilities, we extend the highest grade of care. We continually invest in state –of-the-art technology to give your practitioner the sharpest possible images while enhancing the patient comfort and cutting on the scan times and exposure.
  • We provide you with one of the best CT scans in Kolkata by deploying WIPRO GE (16 SLICE CT SCANNER MACHINE). We promise to apply the lowest dose of radiation possible to protect your body.
  • We provide timely results of your test (most often the same day) so that you can visit your medical practitioner without any delay.


Our Imaging Equipment

A: CT Scan

CT scan 2D/3D Brain ( with or without contrast ) The world renowned equipment we use for the aforesaid examination is-


CT scan Face 2D/3D
CT scan Orbit ( with or without contrast )
CT/HRCT scan Mastoid ( with or without contrast )
CT scan 2D/3D Shoulder joint
CT scan 2D/3D TM joint
CT scan 2D/3D Spine
CT scan Neck ( with or without contrast )
CT/HRCT scan 2D/3D Thorax ( with or without contrast )
CT scan Chest ( with or without contrast )
CT scan Abdomen ( with or without contrast )
CT scan 2D/3D Pelvis ( with or without contrast )
CT scan 2D/3D upper & lower limbs


    Clarity panel detector
ASiR Image quality at significantly lower dose
Improved spatial resolution Volumetric Image Space Reconstruction (ViSR)
Up to 20% lower electronic noise Organ Dose Modulation (ODM)
Low power efficient design 3D mA Modulation Dose Watch


B: Ultrasonography (USG) HD Live 3D/4D

USG of whole abdomen Our State-of-the-art equipment to give you the best of results-


USG Pregnancy
USG Anomaly scan & NT scan
USG Breast
USG Neck
USG Thyroid
USG Joints
USG Shoulder
USG Chest
USG Pelvis
USG Prostate
USG Scrotum
USG Peripheral Doppler ( Arterial & Venous )

USG Chest

  • Outstanding and detailed picture quality;
  • High resolution;
  • Fast obtainable and reproducible test results;
  • High quality 2D examinations;
  • Photography like 3D and 4D examination quality;
  • Fixation and identification of tiniest examination details;
  • Improved color Doppler function to differentiate dense tissue and borders;
  • Excellent results even under cumbersome examination conditions