Colonoscopy Test Centre in Kolkata

Colonoscopy is a process that allows for a detailed examination of the lining of the large intestine. It is performed by inserting a narrow bendable tube, known as colonoscope, which has a camera attached to its tip for capturing the images of the intestine, into the anus, gradually advancing around the entire intestine. These images are then transmitted to a color TV screen and read by a seasoned endoscopist.

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Why is Colonoscopy performed?

  • To detect anemia.
  • To assess unexplained blood in stool, or any other abnormalities such as persistent diarrhea, abdominal pain, polyps.
  • To detect the type and extent of inflammatory bowel disease
  • To detect colorectal cancer
  • To detect colon cancer


Preparing for a Colonoscopy

In order to obtain accurate results, your bowel must be completely empty. Try to avoid eating high fibre foods and taking laxatives two days prior to the test. You can increase your intake of liquids to cleanse your system and avoid dehydration. You also need to inform the specialist of all the medications that you are taking.


Procedure for Colonoscopy Test

Our colonoscopy test is performed in a fully armed examination room. You are made to lie down on your side with knees drawn up in the direction of your chest. Our experienced specialists will insert the flexible tube,colonoscope, through the anus, gently advancing it inside. Carbon dioxideis used in a controlled quantity to expand the bowel to get improved views. As a result, you may experience a feeling of bloating or pressure inside. You may also feel the impulse to excrete, but your bowel will be empty and any remaining liquid will be previously extracted with suction.

As the colonoscope is withdrawn, the specialists can examine the colon lining. This procedure generally takes around 30 minutes.

Our Affordable Colonoscopy Test Cost in Kolkata

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