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If you experience increased thirst and hunger, frequent urination, inexplicable weight loss, itching on your hands or feet, your doctor may prescribe a test for diabetes.

If you are a diabetic, you can relate to the pain of managing glucose control variations, observing a planned diet, taking tons of medication and undertaking the required tests. At Shanti Wellness Care, we endeavor to address all your unique diabetes needs by offering a custom-made diabetes care program and help you lead a stress-free life. Being the best diabetic clinic in Kolkata, we extend a comprehensive range of diabetic tests to assist you manage your condition well.


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Almost all diabetes tests are done on the collected blood samples. Some of the most significant diabetes tests include:

  • Oral glucose-tolerance test- This is a simple test that includes drawing the patient’s blood once, after which he is given a sugary glucose solution to drink. Following that, the blood is drawn once again after an interval of 30 minutes to up to 3 hours to check how the body is responding to the sudden surge in the sugar levels. This test is mostly performed during pregnancy.


  • Fasting Blood Sugar Test – This is another simple test which includes drawing the blood once after the patient has fasted overnight. The test is conducted early in the morning before the patient intakes anything to check if the blood sugar is in normal range.


  • Two-hour postprandial test – Prandial signifies meal. Consequently, this blood test is performed after two hours of eating by the patient.


  • Casual Plasma Glucose Test– A simple blood test regardless of when the last meal of taken.


  • Hemoglobin A1C Test– This is an important diabetes blood test that is performed to determine how well is your diabetes being controlled. The test shows an average of your sugar level over the past 6 to 12 week time. After this, it becomes easy to make any kind of modifications in your diabetes prescriptions, if needed.

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Diabetes can cause grave health issues if you do not maintain a proper check and regulate your blood sugar levels. Being the best diabetic clinic in Kolkata, we, at Shanti Wellness Care, have a consortium of the best doctors and equipment to make sure that you get accurate test reports. Timely analysis and quality treatment can certainly help you in lowering the gravity of the problem.