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Endoscopy is a non-surgical diagnostic medical procedure that is helpful in examining the patient’s digestive tract and visualizing the cavities of the body not possible by standard examination. The process uses an endoscope along with a bendable tube and camera to allow the doctor view pictures of the patient’s digestive tract on a monitor screen.

It is imperative to make the right choice in selecting the facility where your endoscopic procedure will be held along with choosing an adroit and experienced endoscopist who will effectively and safely perform it.

We, at Shanti Wellness Care, proudly proclaim our self as a leader in advancing superior patient care and digestive health by encouraging quality and innovation in endoscopy. Offering the best endoscopy in Kolkata, our seasoned experts have the necessary knowledge and expertise to provide the latest care.With an affordable endoscopy test cost in Kolkata, our grail is to help our patients identify their medical problems well in time and consequently, initiate the right treatment.


Our Services

We offer a range of endoscopy tests using the state-of-the-art equipment and techniques.


  • Upper GI Endoscopy

Upper endoscopy is a procedure in which an endoscope is passed through the mouth and throat of the patient into the esophagus, allowing us to view the upper GI tract including the stomach and small intestine. Our trained gastroenterologists perform the procedure in the most professional manner where a light dose of sedation is given to the patient to relax them.

Our UGI endoscopy test cost in Kolkata is highly modest.


  • Nasal Endoscopy

Nasal endoscopy is a procedure in which an otolaryngologist performs a detailed examination of the nasal and sinus cavities. This is nowadays the most preferred method of detecting medical ailments such as sinusitis, nasal tumors, nasal blockage or stuffiness, nasal polyps as well as epistaxis.


  • Colonoscopy

Colonoscopy is a procedure in which an endoscope is passed through the rectum into the large intestine, as known as colon, to examine the area.

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Why Choose Us?

Shanti Wellness Care is a prominent diagnostic centre dedicated to advancing patient care. Promoting the dogmas of quality and safety, we proffer the best endoscopy in Kolkata. With anextremely competitive endoscopy test cost in Kolkata, we leverage progressive technology to guarantee accurate results.