Our Mission & Values

Shanti Wellness Care- Diagnostic Centre aims to be the most reputable and reliable diagnostic laboratory in the country, making world-class medical testing accessible to everyone. Our aim is further exemplified in our exceptional, compassionate care and dedication which we extend to each and everyone we serve.

Our Mission

  • To provide complete diagnostic solutions and world class diagnostic facilities by state-of-art equipments under one single roof.
  • To ensure the highest level of service through qualified health professionals, uncompromising training of the staff and strict adherence to national and international quality standards.
  • To make best use of the innovation by seeking out the latest technology and medical science and exploring its applications in clinical settings.
  • To reach the common man with immediate and impeccable diagnostic services at an affordable cost.

Our Values

Compassion- When you are in need our Smiles are the first medicine that balms you with love. We see our patients as people first, with a set of values, beliefs and experiences that shape their needs and our care.


Innovation- We are here to create new and better services for you and we thrive to live upto it everyday. We are never satisfied with the status quo and are always challenging ourselves to elevate to a new level of patient diagnosis and care.


Trust- Our endeavor is to breed a strong relationship with you based on trust and alliance. Making the most of the knowledge and infrastructure we house, we are here to gift you the most trusted place for resolving your diagnostic issues.