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Clinical Neurology is the scientific study of the nervous system. Diseases affecting the brain, nervous system and spinal cord are usually detected with a neurological diagnosis. Our Neurology Department provides a clinical and diagnostic service for assessment of patients with disorders of brain, spinal cord, nerve and muscle. With the support of cutting-edge diagnostic technology, our team maintains high level of performance and accuracy.

We process a thorough study of the patient’s medical history and physical checkup, only after which the patients may undergo neurological tests suitable for their condition.


Our Mission 

An accurate diagnosis is vital for appropriate patient management as well as for the evaluation of new cures. We strive to ensure that you always receive the best treatment that medical science can offer. Assuring the highest level of interpersonal care, we deliver world-class neurological diagnosis in an integrated and sociable environment.


Our Services 

Services at Shanti Wellness Care are delivered by a collective team of physicians and other health care doctors with noteworthy expertise in neurological diseases. We specialize in offering the most accurate EEG test in Kolkata.


EEG Test

An electroencephalogram (EEG) is a special test used to identify the abnormalities in the electrical functioning of the brain. A lot of neurological disorders such as seizures, tremors, memory loss, confusion, or even passing-out episodes can be detected by this test. During the EEG medical test, electrodes are placed over the multiple areas of the brain on the scalp in order to ascertain the record patterns of electrical activity and check for any abnormality.

Our EEG test in Kolkata is performed by a practiced and certified technologist. The patient is made to sit in a relaxed recliner chair while the technologist applies up to 26 electrodes on the scalp using a sticky paste. There are wires connecting these electrodes to an amplifier and a recording device. The recording device translates the electrical signals into a chain of waves, which can be later interpreted by the physician. Also, our EEG test cost in Kolkata is by far the most competitive.


EMG Test

An electromyography (EMG) is a special test used to determine the health of the muscles and the nerves regulating the muscles. The test is undertaken to evaluate neck/back/arm/leg pain or numbness, muscle pain or muscle weakness.

During an EMG treatment, our EMG specialist inserts a needle electrodethrough the skin into the muscle. The electrical activity identified by the electrode is revealed on an oscilloscope which can also be heard using a speaker. After the electrode has been placed, the patient may be asked to contract his muscles. This information displayed will help in knowing the ability of the muscle to react when the nerves are enthused. An EMG is generally performed in combination with a nerve conduction velocity test.


NCV Test

Nerve Conduction Velocity Test NCV is used to detect the speed of conduction of the impulses through a nerve. It is used to evaluate a broad range of nerve conditions which includes the neck/back pain, weakness, the carpal tunnel syndrome, herniated disks and many other related problems. During the nerve conduction study test, our NCV technologists use surface electrodes to stimulate the nerve. These patch-like electrodes are placed all over the nerve on the skin. One electrode stimulates the nerve by a minor electrical impulse whereas the other electrodes record this electrical activity.

The distance between the electrodes and the amount of time taken for the electrical impulses to traverse between electrodes determines the nerve condition velocity.

Apart from these, we also offer comprehensive neurological services such as Visual Evoked Potential test (VEP), BLINK, RNST and BEAR test.

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Our Strong Suits 

  • We deliver best-in-class, personalized, all-inclusive consultation services and diagnostic testing for a wide array of neurological conditions, including the disorders of brain, spinal cord, muscles and the peripheral nerves.
  • We have a consortium of board-certified technologists and other technical staff committed to consolidating their remarkable clinical expertise, innovation and technology to offer superior services.
  • We deploy the most sophisticated diagnostic tools and procedures and innovative techniques to detect neurological diseases of every possible kind.
  • We have the team of best Pediatric neurologists, Brain specialists, Spine specialists, Child neurologists, Neuro medicine, Neuro psychiatric & Migraine doctors in Kolkata to help you out.

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