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Radiology denotes a special branch of medicine that deals with X-rays and beaming energy for the effective diagnosis and treatment of diseases like Cancer treatment, Mammography test in Kolkata. Shanti Wellness Care is a reputed diagnostic centre in Kolkata, offering best-in-class radiology services together with precise attention to customer’s requirements.

Our diagnostic care centre is established on the principles of remarkable service in patient care. For us, your safety is supreme and we are fully dedicated to executing every test in a particular manner that fulfills industry benchmarks in well-being and quality. When you are with us, you can be assured of safety.

At Shanti Wellness Care, we treat you as an individual patient; regardless of where you come from.We very well understand that an illness causes trauma, enfeeblement, discomfort and expenditure. We all have been in your shoes and know how it feels like to be a patient. Thus, we are strongly committed to imparting excellent and compassionate care every time.


Our Mission

Our renowned diagnostic care centre is committed to providing high-precision radiology services to all the patients. Our aim is to serve the patients in the most compassionate manner together with accurate diagnosis and well-timed delivery of reports. We employ established practices, are devoted to quality and always keep our patient’s safety as our highest priority.

We feel that the best way to foster doctor- patient relationship is by observing a core ethic of transparent communication. We always make our patients aware of their true health status.



All our well-trained and board-certified radiologists hold subspecialty expertise in carrying out each test. Our radiology services include:

X ray Skull

X ray Orbit

X ray Mastoid

X ray PNS

X ray Nasal bone

X ray nasopharynx

X ray Mandible

X ray TM Joint

X ray Adenoid Gland

X ray Soft Tissue Neck

X ray Shoulder Joint

X upper limbs

X ray Sternum

X ray clavicle

X ray Chest

X ray Ribs

X ray Abdomen

X ray KUB

X ray whole spine

X ray Pelvis

X ray Hip joint

X ray lower limbs

HSG test

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The state-of-the-art technology we use:


Our Strong Suits

  • We host a consortium of best trained Radiologists, Cancer specialists, Oncology doctors in Kolkata & they are continually educated about latest techniques and procedures which are far beyond the least requirements for licensure.
  • Our up-to-date specially built infrastructure is backed with quality readings through the use of latest technologies. We pledge high-quality scans with exact readings.
  • Our expert radiologists work in collaboration under one roof, enabling us to deliver advanced healthcare solutions to our patients.
  • We promise timely delivery of reports to avoid any kind of delay in the treatment.
  • We offer optimal value flexible solutions to match your clear-cut needs. For female patients, we also provide Lady Radiologists in Kolkata