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Spirometry is a complete pulmonary function test used to detect conditions such as asthma or COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease). By performing some of the best inspiratory and expiratory exercises using a mouthpiece, the Spirometry test offers basic information about a person’s airways function as well as capacity. The test must be performed to an extraordinary standard in order to accurately interpret the results and bank on frequent measurements to diagnose changes to the patient’s condition.

Shanti Wellness Care is a specialized diagnostic centre offering a wide spectrum of on-site pulmonary function test for patients suffering from any kind of lung problems. We use Spirometry SP 260- Schiller which can perform pulmonary function testing such as SVC, FVC, MVV, and MV. It has an integrated program for pre/post comparison bronchospasmolysis and monitoring of challenge tests and provides maximum precision.


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All of our technicians are trained respiratory care specialists who are well certified. Thus, we take it as our foremost duty to offer nonpareil Spirometry test in Kolkata at the best available prices. Our PFT test cost in Kolkata is immensely affordable and highly competitive.


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Pulmonary function tests (PFT) measure how your lungs work. They are used to detect and measure the flow of air through the lungs, how much air the lungs can easily take in and how swiftly the oxygen mixes with the blood. These help in identifying the various symptoms of lung disease, effects of the treatment on the body and how well the body is recovering from the treatment.

The PFT tests in Kolkata undertaken at our diagnostic centre include the following:


Spirometry Test

Basic test for diagnosing asthma, COPD and emphysema, spirometry is the generally the preliminary test most people suffering from shortness of breath will undergo. During the test, patients are made to breathe into a tube attached to the spirometer which calculates the speed of their respiration.


Bronchospasm Evaluation Test

During Bronchospasm Evaluation Test, patients are made to take the spirometry test before and after the use of an inhaler. This test helps in determining the specific condition of a person. For instance, asthma is much more likely to respond to the inhaler which is not true in case of emphysema.


Functional Residual Capacity

Our Lung Function Test (LFT) in Kolkata helps to detect obstructive or restrictive pulmonary diseases by calculating the full amount of air the patient can breathe in and out. In case of obstructive diseases such as chronic bronchitis, asthma and emphysema, the air a person breathes gets trapped inside the lungs causing him to inhale more air than they do exhale. On the other hand, restrictive diseases such as interstitial lung disease, pulmonary fibrosis and morbid obesity reduce the amount of air the person can breathe in.


Diffusion Capacity

Diffusion capacity detects the ability of oxygen to effectively get into the patient’s blood stream. In this test, instead of oxygen, a similar “nontoxic test gas” is made to be inhaled by the patient. When the patient exhales, their breath is tested to check the levels of the test gas to determine how much of it was absorbed into the blood. This is a highly effective test for diagnosing conditions such as pulmonary fibrosis, emphysema, interstitial lung disease and sarcoidosis.


Respiratory Muscle Strength Test

A lot of times, people suffer from respiratory problems owing to the weakening of the respiratory muscles. The weakness in the muscles may hinder a person from taking a deep breath or simply clearing his throat. The test is quite similar to spirometry test, however, it involves a particular valve that makes the patient put pressure while takes the air in or out. By taking this test, it is possible to diagnose conditions such as diaphragm paralysis and neuromuscular issues.


6 Minute Walk Test

A 6 Minute Walk Test allows the patient to walk continuously for 6 minutes at their own pace while a special machine notes their heart beat rate, oxygen levels and shortness of breath.

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Shanti Wellness Care boasts of a fully automated laboratory where adroit pulmonary function technologists perform a range of PFT tests used to assist chest medicine doctors in Kolkata for the diagnosis and assessment of various lung diseases in people. Our pulmonary specialists offer modest spirometery test cost in Kolkata in Kolkata, we endeavor to perform every test in a comfortable, regulated and professional environment.